Two Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is So Popular

17 April 2023
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Here are two reasons why remedial massage is such a popular treatment option at spas. 

It can help some people with stiffness or spasm-related immobility to be more mobile

One reason for the popularity of remedial massage in spas is that this treatment can help some people with certain types of mobility issues. If for example, a person's immobility in their limbs is caused by stiffness of their joints or spasms of their muscles, they may benefit from having this type of massage.

The remedial massage therapist can use techniques to increase blood flow to the stiff joints, which can lower inflammation and result in the joints becoming less stiff. Likewise, this massage therapist can also massage their client's seized-up muscles in such a way that the tension within these muscles is released. This, too, can help the client to experience more mobility in these areas of their body.

Whilst the positive effects of remedial massage for a person with these issues may be temporary (if, for example, their joint stiffness and muscle spasms are caused by a chronic medical condition), they can give that person a lot of relief and allow them to enjoy more flexibility and mobility for a while. Furthermore, the person who experiences these positive effects can opt to undergo remedial massage on a regular basis, if they want to continue to feel more mobile.

It can help a person recover from a sports injury faster

Those who participate in sports regularly tend to want to recuperate from their sports injuries very quickly, so they can begin playing their preferred sports again as soon as possible. As such, another reason why this form of massage is so popular at spas is that it can help a person recover from a sports injury faster than if they tried to recover on their own.

For example, if a person who plays football sprains their ankle and goes to this type of massage therapist, the therapist might gently massage the affected area, in a way that reduces swelling and boosts blood flow to the ankle (both of which could speed up the healing of the sprained area). The massage therapist could also massage the ankle in such a way that the pain their client experiences could also be reduced (even though the massage techniques themselves may feel uncomfortable when they're being performed on this sensitive area). This speedy reduction in pain and swelling could then allow the client to move on to undergoing physiotherapy for their ankle (if it is needed) much sooner than if they hadn't had this initial treatment.

Physiotherapy often requires the person doing it to perform exercises on their injured body part, which can be difficult or impossible if the area is too swollen or is causing the person a lot of pain.

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